Meet Approval

Requests for Meet Approval


All requests for Meet Approvals must be sent to accompanied by a copy of the meet program and a request form, which can be downloaded below. The approval request must also include the following information:

  • Meet Date
  • Meet Start Time
  • Venue
  • Closing Date
  • Closing Time
  • Link for Online Entries


Meet approval is subject to availability of dates. Meets that clash with a Metro South West meet will not be approved. Meets that clash with a Swimming NSW or Swimming Australia meet will be forwarded by the Registrar to the relevant body to seek approval.


Once approval has been granted by the Registrar the copy of the program will be forwarded to the Webmaster for inclusion in the Area’s calendar. The Registrar will also request a copy of the TM event file (if required) and the online event code (if required). Requests for publishing meets are not to be sent directly to the webmaster.


Meet Approval Form


Meet Results Approval

All requests for approval of results must be sent to accompanied for the following information:

  • Event code (obtained from ClubLane)
  • Date of meet
  • Course (long or short)
  • Venue
  • Name of Referee
  • Name of Starter

Please remember that the Registrar, not the club, has 7 days from the date of the club night time trials or meet to have the results sent to Swimming NSW. It’s extremely important that the club’s results are sent through as early as possible to ensure the Registrar’s assistant has time to check the file as well as the credentials of the technical official.